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- said Mr. Oldfield at my guestbook on the 27th of April 2000 .




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Mike Oldfield: Russian Page.

This is only one English page of my “Mike Oldfield: Russian Page” website.


Hello, guest!

This English page is dedicated to all Russian things which are related to Mike Oldfield’s music. Here you can find chart positions in Russia, information about Russian musicians who ever made a cover versions of Mikes songs, Russian articles and many other information.

All the rest pages of my website are in Russian. Russian-speaking fans can find everything about Mike Oldfield here.


About “Mike Oldfield: Russian Page”.

Well, this Russian web site is dedicated to Mike Oldfield and his music. Since I have all Mike Oldfield’s albums and most of singles I decided to make about his music which is rather well-known  in Russia. It takes much time to embody the idea into practice. Now I think this is the first page about Mike Oldfield’s music in Russia.

This site contains discography, lyrics, news, pictures, etc – everything are in Russian (even  pictures J).  It also has Russian Messageboard.


Russian News.


Interview with DUO SONARE


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Russian label “All Stars Music LTD” released new Mike Oldfield compilation album called “Star Profile”.


Here is a tracklist:


1. Platinum Part 1

2. Platinum Part 3

3. Sally (Into  Wonderland)

4. I Got Rhythm

5. Make Make

6. No Dream

7. Gimme Back

8. Heaven’s Open

9. Peace On Earth
10. Pacha Mama
11. Santa Maria
12. Sunlight Shining Through Cloud 
13. The Doge's Palace
14. Lake Constance
15. Mastermind 
16. Broad Sunlit Uplands
17. Liberation
18. Amber Light


total time 73:27


© All Stars Music LTD


CD is available from the 5th of December.



CD Romantic Collection Vol. 7 “More Gold” (Famous Russian compilation series) contains  “Moonlight  Shadow”.






   KDCD 041/042                                 



New “Moonlight Shadow” cover version added to MUSIC.

New wallpaper added.


Russian music label “Lighthouse” released new compilation album called Mike Oldfield “Golden Collection 2000”.



Here is track list:


1.       Sentimental

2.       Dark Star

3.       Clear Light

4.       Blue Saloon

5.       Red Dawn

6.       The Bell

7.       The Great Plain

8.       Sunset Door

9.       Tattoo

10.   Maya Gold

11.   Jewell In The Crown

12.   Outcast

13.   The Inner Child

14.   Man In The Rain

15.   Secrets

16.   Far Above The Clouds

17.   Santa Maria

18.   Sunlight Shining Through Cloud

19.   Liberation 2:38

Total time: 79:03


The first track title contains a word spelling mistake within “Sentimental” instead of “Sentinel”.

    CDs are available from the 25th of September.



Russian Omsk Drama Theatre uses Mike Oldfield’s music in the perfprmance called “Man, animal and the Goodness” by Louigi Pirandello. Directed by Vladimir Petrov, art design and backdrop by Iren Akimova. From the first-night show which was on the 8th of August 1994 the performance still remains successful.


Nadezhda Zhivoderova as “Siniora Perella”

Oleg Teploukhov as “Captain Perella”
















Russian band “Yabloko” (means “the apple”) and singer Marina Kapuro performed a cover version of “To France” with lyrics in Russian. The Russian variant is called “Malenkiy Ostrov” (means “The little island”). The song appears on same-titled CD in 1997.


      CD Cover.

 There was also dance remix which was released as single.

 RealAudio is here.




The album “The Millennium Bell” has 84 place in the Bestsellers Top 250 in Russia. (updated May, 19)




For many years the samples from “The Wind Chimes part 2” were used as background music in Russian TV program “Vokrug Sveta” (means “Around The World”).



I would like to thank the following people:


Olivier  Lebra (from Tubular Web), thanks for outgoingness, help and for the information support.

Chris Dewey and Paul Harris (from Dark Star), thanks for approval of my idea of Russian page and for the information.

Arrian Rutten, thanks for help to complete my music collection.


Miss Maritza Andrade, thank you for friendship, my dear!


My family, Nothing can exist without you.


Jassica Backsell, thanks for information about Maggie Reilly.         


David  Bedford  and Jeff Gower,   thanks  for  outgoingness  and  information.  


David Bedford Homepage     Jeff Gower's Homepage


And, of course, thanks to everyone who visit my site.






©2000-2001 Roman Davydoff




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